For most of us we get a tax free lump sum of 25% from our pension when we retire but is it wise to invests this or not and if I have invested it in the past does this mean I have a mis sold investment?.

This is a common question we get asked over and over again and the only answer we can give without looking at things in more detail is we are unsure.

So if this has applied to you in the past then check and see if any of the circumstances below apply to you and if so then there is a possibility you have been misold.

Many people were told to invest the full amount into an investment bond or a large proportion of the tax free amount which for many can be bad advice if the following applies to you.

Did you get an income from the investment bond straight away or before the end of the first year?

Were you advised that any income was tax deferred and not tax free?

Were you advised the value of the investment bond could rise as well as fall and were you left with enough cash on deposit if the investment dropped in value?

Were the charges fully explained to you and would be taken from the capital you invested?

If any of the above apply to you then you may have been missold and you should either make a complaint setting out why you feel it was mis sold or use the services of a company to do this on your behalf.

So what can you expect if you have been mis sold?

You will get any loss back if the investment has made a loss from your initial investment plus 8% interest from day one which is compounded every year you had the investment. This will generally be paid within the month of your complaint being upheld.

For people who have no longer got the investment because it ran the term set out or because they surrendered it because they either needed the capital or were worried about it losing money then your still have the same right to complain about the initial sale and the advice you received.

Time limits do apply to investment complaints the same as any other financial product and this is six years from the date of the sale or 3 years from when you first became aware that you had the right to complain about the advice you received.

This type of investment is not un-common in the UK as many people were advised to invest their tax free lump sum and for many it was not appropriate advice.

The pension was there to increase the retirement money you would get from the state and for most they would not risk this so it would affect the money they had when they retire.

If you have been advised to do this in the past then why not get the sale audited as you have nothing to lose other than possibly £10 to retrieve your file and it could make a difference to your income in retirement. To find out more visit today


With all the adverts we see on the TV more and more people are becoming aware they can claim compensation for their personal injury in Scotland but the down side is most of the companies that advertise on TV are based in England so can we still use them?

This is becoming a common question for many of us and the simple answer is no if you live in Scotland and sustained your personal injury in Scotland then you will need the services of an injury lawyer in Scotland to deal with your case.

Many people find this unusual and feel they would like to use one of the companies that advertise on the TV but the simple fact of the matter is Scots Law is different to that of English Law and your lawyer needs to be qualified in Scots law to present your case to the court if it goes that far and this is the reason you cannot use an English law firm to represent you in your personal injury claim.

So how do we find a personal injury lawyer in Scotland?

There are several companies that specialize in this area now and they can be found on the Scottish law society website which will also show you the companies that are closest to you to deal with your injury claim.

There are also many websites in Scotland that specialize in forming a panel of solicitors for you to choose from depending on your location and more importantly your type of injury as this is becoming a very specialized area of law today.

These website generally take brief details of your injury and address then check their panel of solicitors to see who matches your injury criteria best. They then forward your case to the chosen law firm who will then contact you direct and discuss your case in more detail with you.

These websites do not charge for the service they provide you they simply try and ensure you are given the best possible solicitor to deal with your case to maximize the chances of a successful claim.

This is just two alternatives you have when looking for an injury claims solicitor if you reside in Scotland but there is nothing stopping you from doing a Google search and finding your own if you wish too.

The websites have simply been put together to help you in this traumatic time whether you have sustained the injury or one of your loved ones has as it is important to get in touch with someone as soon as possible after the incident which may help you chances of having a successful claim.

Many people also worry about the cost involved in making a personal injury claim and this is something the injury lawyer will discuss with you but in most cases they have insurance in place which you will be covered with before they commence work on your case. There is various different names for this but for ease we have used insurance policy but your solicitor will confirm the exact type of policy with you.

If you have suffered a personal injury in the past and woud like to find out more information on the topic then please visit where you will find many answers to your questions and help you get the process underway.


Life insurance has become a known term for almost all people. People consider it a solution to secure their future and eventually protect their family from financial commitments, which include bills, housing, and education among others. However, the problem is, people mistaken life insurance as life assurance. The assurance policy is an entirely different thing. Life insurance will cover your financial commitments for a certain period of time, whereas assurance plan is a hybrid of insurance and investment.

Overview of Life Assurance

The assurance policy is another term for life insurance in United Kingdom. However, in other places, it is a policy that provides beneficiary payments when the death of policyholder comes. It will cover an event no matter what. Insurance only considers an event that might happen. For instance, the holder may die in the next three decades, which requires you to invest money for a claim.

The Process of Assurance Policy

The duration of a human life is a great factor for assurance. The size of the monthly premium in assurance policy depends on the length of the cover, insured’s occupation, type of cover required, age, sex, and the medical history of the insured. You will be paid out with a sum similar to the investment valuation or definite minimum stated in the insurance terms and conditions.  An annual bonus will be added to the guaranteed value of your policy. Normally, terminal bonus can be expected at the end of the term. As the policy ages, your cash value increases due to accumulation of investment bonuses. According to reports, some people get better prices of assurance with independent brokers than with insurance companies. You will get a higher payout if you are still living as the policy closes.

Get Financial Adviser Support

If you can buy life insurance plans even from the internet, life assurance has a big difference for it is recommended to be directly acquired from a financial adviser. Monetary experts consider the policy an investment product. It also requires complete personal details from you, which can only be obtained if you will come face-to-face with an advisor.


Nowadays, people can start a mortgage with only 5% deposit, which is normally referred to as a 95 mortgage. This type requires 5% deposit, while the remaining 95% will be borrowed from a bank or any other lending institutions. Not qualifying for this mortgage allows applicants for other schemes in order to get towards the property ladder.

Identifying Your Deposit

Prior to a mortgage application, it is important that applicants identify their deposit. By doing so, they can find the most appropriate scheme that will fit their specific needs. In Scotland, for instance, there are various mortgage options to choose from. There are mortgages that are ideal for those with adequate income in repaying a mortgage, but struggling to pay a deposit at the same time. Such scheme is a 95 mortgage that requires only 5% deposit and the property will be owned by the applicant outright. These schemes apply to both newly-built and old properties. However, there are mortgages that are available only on newly-built property with a minimal deposit.

Understanding 95 Mortgages

Basically, 95 mortgages mean 95% mortgages. Applicants are required to give a 5% deposit while the remaining 95% is borrowed in order to acquire a property. The relatively small amount of deposit is the main benefit of such scheme. However, there are also downsides to this mortgage type. In fact, it could be risky for both the applicant and the lender, considering the minimal deposit cushion. If the property value drops down to more than 5%, the worth of the mortgage will be more than the property. This is referred to as negative equity. Applicants who are in this state eliminate the possibility of remortgaging onto another deal. As for lenders who have mortgage arrears from clients are not allowed to repossess a property.

Seeking for Professional Advice

Before applying for any mortgage, it is also essential to seek for professional advice. These professionals have an adequate knowledge in identifying which mortgage type is appropriate for a certain individual. They can also advise applicants about government schemes, considering the guarantee that the government can offer to lenders. There are many factors to consider in applying not only for a 95 mortgage, but also for other schemes, and professional advice would help significantly.

Whole life insurance is known to be a policy that has consistent premiums and is tax-deferred all at the same time. Besides providing you the guaranteed or level premium, the coverage also includes cash value and death benefits for your family. As long as you pay for the policy, your cash value and financial benefits would increase over time. If ever you pass away, the insurance provider will give you the normal amount of the policy. The payment would be based on annual policy requital. As described, whole of life assurance could provide you more than tax savings with its host of benefits.

Key Advantage of Whole Life Insurance

By getting whole of life assurance, you would get a consistent amount of premium costs. In other words, the premiums you would pay for will not increase. It is considered to be a key advantage, especially now that you have to spare more money if your rates will increase over time depending on your current health condition and age with other policies. With whole life insurance, the cost you will get will never be altered regardless of your grave illness. This is guaranteed and you could prove it upon getting the policy contract.

Increasing the Benefits’ Amount

Since you would be getting a cash value and death benefits from whole of life assurance, you could also strategize into getting more from the policy. You could do so by paying more. By doing so, you would also increase the cash value and death benefit you could earn. The only factor that could decrease the amount of benefits you could get is by withdrawing a cash value from your policy or stopping your premium payments.

A Tax-Deferred Life Insurance Policy

Do you know that tax savings are also entailed by whole of life assurance? This is due to the fact that as long as you are not withdrawing money from the policy’s cash value, you will not be paying for taxes. In addition to this, the cash value of the whole life insurance will rise without taxation. If you can withdraw an amount that does not exceed the current value of what you have supplied for the policy, you could still declare yourself free from tax.

Profits With Whole Life Insurance

Along with the given advantages of the life policy above, the insurance coverage would also include a dividend. Take note that the dividends or bonuses you would get are tax-free. You can take the amount of money for reinvestment, paid-up insurance, and additional purchases. This would even give you an opportunity to widen your insurance coverage by earning interest and getting more benefits for your family.

Borrowing Cash Value from Whole Life Insurance

If you are troubled to how you could pay for your children’s education, you may borrow cash value from the whole of life assurance policy. Never worry for the rate of borrowing is very competitive. There are even cases that you could pay for what you have borrowed by deducting it from the death benefit.


Individuals who are in search of nationwide mortgage deals will have a good chance in finding a good one. It is because there are numerous mortgage providers all over the nation. These loan and mortgage providers offer different products and services, meeting their client’s needs and requirements. Mortgage rates and interest rates also vary depending on several factors, including the loan amount, payment period, type of loan, and of course the mortgage provider.

Getting Qualified

Getting qualified for a mortgage deal is a serious matter. There are several considerations to keep in mind. Nationwide mortgage providers often times conduct a credit check over their applicants or borrowers. On that note, borrowers should ensure that they have a good credit history. Existing credit card payments, existing loans, employment status, and income are just some of the details that lenders study during application. The lending companies would ask for further documentation throughout the loan application.  Hence, it is important for borrowers to have a good credit history so as to be qualified for a mortgage.

Affordability of the Loan

Since there are numerous mortgage providers in the marketplace, it is of utmost importance that borrowers conduct a thorough research and comparison among these lenders. It is important to apply for a mortgage deal with the most credible and trustworthy company. Moreover, borrowers should ensure the affordability of the loan, applying only on what they can afford. The scope of nationwide mortgage deals is vast, providing applicants with different options such as the varied types of mortgages. Each type of loan has a corresponding payment term, computation of interest, and the payment period. Borrowers must choose the most affordable option, ensuring that they can repay the loan on time and in a consistent manner.

Types of Mortgages

There are several types of mortgages that nationwide mortgage companies offer. One of which is the fixed-rate mortgage, having a fixed-rate interest rate regardless of the index changes in the market. The adjustable-rate mortgage is otherwise. Such types of mortgages involve varying index rates, depending on the index changes. When index rates go up, interest rate payments go up as well, and vice versa. There are also interest-only mortgages that allow borrowers to pay only the interest for a certain period. However, when the interest-only period expires, the repayment of the principal follows through. These are only a few of the several mortgage types available.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is always essential that borrowers identify the advantages and disadvantages of every loan type. This is to study and determine which type of mortgage is the most suitable for their specific needs. The comparison of mortgage types is also crucial in identifying which mortgageprovider to choose. Not all lenders have similar services. Thus, the comparison between mortgage providers, their interest rates, application fees, and other information are equally significant.

Lending Standards

It is also important to know that mortgage companies have tighter lending standards nowadays compared to the previous years. This is due to the recent problems surrounding credit markets. But, not all nationwide mortgage providers have higher or the same lending standards. So borrowers have a higher chance in finding a provider that would meet their needs. Again, a good credit score is a key factor while obtaining a mortgage loan.


Finding a good mortgage deal is not very easy. Lenders would ask for several requirements from their borrowers. Considering the services of a broker is also a good idea, saving time and effort in shopping for mortgage deals and interest rates. Brokers can come in handy prior to and during a loan application. They can render many services in favor of the borrower or of the lender. It is also important to hire an experienced and trustworthy broker. Hence, maintaining a good credit rating is always essential when applying for any nationwide mortgage deal.


PPI claims made simple are the trend nowadays. On the one hand, most of them will require you to work with a professional for the work to be done.


Did you know that you can get pass this grueling process with simple and easy tips? You do not have to have a degree in finance just to understand the rules and regulations set by the market. There are thousands of ways to get out without breaking a sweat. Here are some of the most reliable ways to get your Payment Protection Insurance claim done.


  1. Ask the Government About It First


The government is very eager to help the public in matters of financial issues. Giving a hand for PPI claim made simple is also their specialty. You will not go home empty-handed if you will ask them for help. For all you know, your country may even be nice enough to have a department specifically attributed to financial problems such as this one.


In the United Kingdom, there is already a common place where you will see all the complainants. They are assisted by the officials from the government to make the entire process a whole lot easier. Get the best out of your taxes and ask them.


  1. Templates Are All Over the Internet


Today, the very first thing that you will need to do to get things done is to search the Internet on how it is done. When you are this type of person, then, you know that there are tons of free templates on the Internet to help your PPI claims made simple.


These are the things that could help you started in claiming your refund. You will not have to think through the perfect words to make your claim even more reliable and realistic. Plus, these are already proven to help people get their money from banks.


Just always remember to attach all the documents that you will need. This will be like the official seal of the argument. Do not attach the original ones, just the photocopied copies.


  1. Ready Yourself for the Endless Questionnaires


You will never go wrong in PPI claims made simple when you come prepared. In your quest for a refund, see to it that you have gone through the questionnaires thoroughly. This is not just a matter of finishing the entire process the fastest. This will also give you a good look on the next things that you will have to accomplish.


Plus, questionnaires are basically the instructions that you will need to get your hard-earned money. You will never have to go through unnecessary operations if you will read through it.


Companies make sure that these forms are equipped with all the information that their client will need. This is not just for the comfort of their clients but also for the comfort of the team that handles these issues. Always feel free to maximize this privilege.


PPI claims made simple are the very first thing you will need to enjoy the money that you will get. Never get tired of finding more ways on how to do it.



Have you ever checked whole of life quotes online? If you have, then there is no doubt that you are interested in getting whole of life insurance. Before you decide to get one and look for whole of life quotes online once again, it is a smart idea to get to know what whole of life insurance is.


What Is Whole of Life Insurance?


Whole of life insurance is a permanent insurance as it covers you for a lifetime. This is different from what we call term insurance that usually lasts between one to forty years. Normally, it is easy to find and buy whole of life insurance knowing that there are many agents out there who encourage you to buy this scheme. Anyway, if you want to save more money, then it is suggested to keep on searching and comparing whole of life quotes online to determine which company offers the most affordable insurance plan.


What Is the Coverage of Whole of Life Insurance?


When you decide to get an insurance plan, the most important thing you should never ever forget to check is its coverage. It is what determines whether the price you are paying for is reasonable for what you will be getting in return. So, what does the whole of life insurance cover?


Well, the whole of life insurance is usually not for you, but for those people who you will be left behind once you die. It will provide financial assistance to your family or beneficiary. The allocation of the money is dependent upon your preference. Therefore, to make sure that the allocation is fair and just according to your will, it is better to have a pre-arrangement or pre-allocation of the funds. Some of the typical coverage or uses of the whole of life insurance plan are:


1.)    Helps the family to pay for your funeral expenses

2.)    Serves as a contribution for any debt you might have left behind

3.)    Serves as a cash gift for people who are very important in your life, such as your parents, wife or children

4.)    Serves as a cash gift to the charity of your choice


Aside from the four most common uses of the funds, you can also choose to use it in another way. It is important to be clear about what you want with the funds before you die. That is why pre-arrangements are very significant.


How Much Cover Do You Need?


The coverage that you need for yourself really depends upon certain factors, mainly the age, lifestyle and health of the individual. If you are old and sickly, then you will definitely need a higher cover, which equals to higher monthly payments. If you want to know how much will it really cost, you can check whole of life quotes online. Remember to window-shop from different insurance companies because comparing the whole of life quotes online is a key determinant in finding the most affordable yet the most worth it insurance plan for you. Visit

http:// today to get your best quote online.


The types of mortgages are important to know because they literally make or break the transactions. The entire deal is dependent on how the mortgage plan will be lay out.

There are a handful of mortgage loans available in the market, but there are only four that stands out. These are the most commonly used because it is well-balanced and they have lesser risks for most clients.

1.      Fixed-Rate Mortgage Never Fails to Top the List

Fixed-rate mortgage loans are always on the top of the list because they are available in almost every financial institution. The rules are simple. A client has to pay a pre-determined interest rate for a given period of time.

It depends on the client whether to work with 10, 15 or 30 years of the mortgage loan. Until a client pays promptly for the rest of the given period, the house will not be theirs. Thirty years is the most common choice, especially for middle class families. The entire house will cost a more. On the other hand, a client gets the comfort of paying in small amounts per month.

2.      Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Is Risky, But Worth the Try

Risk is bigger when people choose Adjustable Rate Mortgage or ARM. A financial institution will base the interest rate on the existing rates in the market. This means that it will fluctuate a lot. This is one of the types of mortgages that you want to have when you are ready to play with the on-going trade.

The gamble starts when the economy is shaky. If the country is facing better times, then, they can expect the rates to be at their lowest while the opposite will happen if it is not. Some of the determinants are government securities, the cost of funds, and even the world trade.

A certain period of time is also given to a client with this deal. They are usually at 10, 15, and 30 years, too. Almost all types of mortgages work in these given intervals.

3.      Federal Housing Administration Loan for Limited Choices

These types of mortgages allow people to choose their own way of paying. With the Federal Housing Administration Loan, they can work with the government to pay for their mortgage bills. The government will act as the middleman in this deal. They will pay for the loans. They will get money from their applicants through retirement, social security benefits, or what-not.

The only downside of this type of loan is that it is limited to small loans only. As much as possible, the government will limit their clients because this means lesser risk.

4.      Interest-Only Mortgage Loan

The interest-only mortgage will require the client to pay for a fixed interest rate for a certain period of time. Then, the remaining balance will be paid in full. This could really be tricky, especially for those who have not saved for it.

These types of mortgages will always have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the client where they can capitalize in the best way there is.

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Answering “what is a pension transfer bugs a lot of people, especially those who are planning to shift from one job to another.

The entire process is complicated. A lot of papers should be filed. Even worse, money should be spent just by clarifying things out. On the one hand, you can make the entire pension transfer a lot easier by simply answering and understanding these three questions.

Who Can Receive the Pension Transfers?

It is already understood that the client is at the other end of the transfer. The other end belongs to a company or any other employer that can continue the payments for the insurance premium.

It is not a transfer to another person who will receive the premium by retirement. These things are already settled at the start of the insurance deal. A company will ask who will get the benefits when a client passes away.

There are two important things to remember when trying to figure out “what is a pension transfer” from one employer to another. First, it is important to work with another employer that is not under the same insurance company. This could limit the benefits that you will get because of the change. Second, engaging in a public pension program is not a good idea. They are affected by the vulnerability of the interest rates. You will tend to receive way lower benefits when retirement age comes.

Who Will Do It For You? money3

When you are trying to figure out what is a pension transfer, you go to the Internet or any other place for information. When you feel confident that you will be able to pull it off, you go to a financial adviser to close the deal. You and your employer both have other things to deal with so it is best to get another person to work with it.

They could also double as your broker. Their resources are enough to cut down the time, and the effort that you will have to spend for the work. Also, they can even get you better deals if you ask them to. You will just have to prepare an extra amount for their service.  


Are You Ready for It?

If you have checked all of these already, you ask yourself again, whether you are completely ready to transfer or not. The risks are too much if you are to start a job all over again. There are tenure issues and even compensation problems. It is going to be an entirely different world when you move from one workplace to another. All these will even affect the way you provide for the entire pension program.

You will find yourself easily answering the question “what is a pension transfer” if you will say a solid “yes” to this.

Knowing “what is a pension transfer” could lead to a whole lot of issues. The most important thing, however, is knowing how to run the entire transaction. The ability to adjust to financial responsibilities could be a great start

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